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More than 74% of the hires on online platforms do not end up as expected due to the quality of the professionals. This results in a waste of time and money. At the same time, HR agencies are expensive and slow.

Simple Presentation Process:

Step 1

Share your needs

Define your role requirements and submit. The more details we receive, the better we will be able to tailor the search to find your new rockstar

Step 2

Day 1: Sourcing of Candidates

We provide our network of +100 recruiters the best tools yet created to source and hand-select profiles in a ridiculously short time. Believe us that they will go to any lengths to find your potential candidates and fill those roles.

Step 3

Day 1: AI Matching

We use our powerful AI matching algorithm to find the best fits, and a little help from our matching team to select the profiles that will go to the interview stage

Step 4

Day 2: We keep the 3%

Our interviewers evaluate the candidate's technical knowledge, personality and language skills. We analyse different patterns through job simulation tests allowing our in-house filtering team to assess each candidate's technical and analytical skills objectively.

Step 5

Day 3: Candidates Shortlist

We will provide you with shortlists of the best three candidates for each position. This selection will be accompanied by candidate evaluations, filmed interviews and a report on each candidate.

Step 6

Day 3: Review & Interviews

You tell us your opinion, we coordinate the interviews with the candidates, our legal team assists you with the contracts and the rest is up to you. In less than three days you can have your new rockstars.

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