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Trusted by over 300 companies yearly to assemble elite teams for demanding roles while optimizing long-term hiring costs.
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HiresLink is the only recruiting partner you’ll ever need!

Build and Extend your teams across Latin America with
premier talent without compromising excellence

A 360 HR Solution

Direct Hire
For specific roles

Customized recruiting and matching aligned with your goals.

Drastically reduce hiring time and costs

Dedicated Recruiter

Vetted database of 15,000+ candidates at your disposal to get matched.
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Talent Staffing
For long-term projects

Legal Local Hiring practices ensured

Dedicated Account Manager

Guaranteed Replacement

Complete HR Management Including Payroll, Benefits, and Operations, Ensuring a Hassle-Free Experience for You
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Project Based
For flexible-term projects

Curated bilingual Network of Specialized Freelancers in IT, Marketing, Design, Product Development, and Legal Services

Thoroughly Evaluated Professionals for Seamless Team Integration

Customizable contract  length

Fixed-Price or Hourly Rates Tailored to Your Project Budget
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The Proven Solution for World-Class Businesses

Gerardo Tyszberowicz
Gerardo Tyszberowicz
Co-Founder & CEO @ Scale-up Israel

“Definitely the go-to team when talking about finding talent in Latam. Very professionals and capable of understand  the client needs and acting accordingly, something hard to find in the industry”

Dor Vardi
Dor Vardi
Co-Founder & COO @ Samplead

"Great experience! Bait helped us find the perfect candidate in a smooth and easy process! Highly recommended!"

Mati Schvartz
Mati Schvartz
Co-Founder & President @ Tachles

“Very professionals, the team at Bait understands how to work with startups and how to find amazing profiles”

Kobi Mor
Kobi Mor
COO @ QualityScore

"I consider the partnership a success — we plan to continue expanding our use of their services. Bait’s staff is meeting our expectations."

Why to choose us?

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Faster and Easier than any other service in the market

Through our meticulous processes and proprietary technologies, we are always recruiting, whether for clients or not. This means we can match you with your ideal profile faster than anyone else.

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All-Inclusive Solutions

Our services extend beyond recruitment to include payroll management, negotiation, and more, offering a comprehensive staffing solution.

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English Proficiency

We rigorously vet each candidate, ensuring you get access to highly competent talent capable of clear and effective communication.

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No Extra Fees

Our recruiters will share the hourly rate for each professional – that’s all you’ll pay: there are not extra fees outside these rates.

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Quality Talent, Half the Cost

Access top-tier talent at savings of up to 50% on salaries without compromising on quality.

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Guaranteed Replacement

Ensure continuity in your operations with our prompt staff replacement in the event of dismissal or resignation.

Top Recruiting Partner 🏅

You'll have a crew of HR pros, tech, and entrepreneurial minds taking care of your business on foreign soil. We know every situation is unique, so we custom-build strategies for each client. Our game plan? Getting your people on the ground and operational in under 3 days, no sweat.
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Share your Needs & Sign Terms
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Have a quick call with our team of experts so we can understand your needs and the scope of the project
Day 1
Receive top candidates
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Within 1-3 days, our rockstar recruitment team, presents you a curated list of candidates. Screened for skills, experience, tech stack preferences, interests, and personality fit.
Day 3
Hiring & Support
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We streamline contract signing, onboarding, and payroll for you. Your dedicated account manager remains at your side ensuring a seamless interaction with contractors from start to finish.
Process timeline
Day 1. Share your Needs
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Have a call with our team of experts so we can understand your needs and the scope of the project
Day 5. Receive Top Candidates
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Within 7-10 days, our rockstar recruitment team, presents you a curated list of candidates. Screened for skills, experience, tech stack preferences, interests, and personality fit.
Day 10. Hiring & Support
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Don't worry about hiring. We can help you with the entire payroll, healthcare and benefits.

Join the League of Startups that trust their recruitment needs on us 🚀


Anual Placements


Complete staffed cross-border teams


Top-knotch community across LaTam


Clients across Israel, US and Latin America

Simple, transparent pricing

All you need to build your dream team abroad


Great to cover specific positions

Top Talent Vetted Candidates
Sourcing through thousand of profiles
Interviewing & Filtering
Candidates Reports & Video Interviews
12% annual gross salary per hire
Choose Plan


Great for companies with high-growth needs

Team building
Staff Management
Hiring Management
Equipment & Employee Benefits
Dedicated Recruiting Teams
Choose Plan

What our talent say

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"I appreciate the seamless transition to a US company. They made the remote work arrangement easy and efficient for me. It's been a great journey. With this opportunity, I've grown professionally while enjoying the flexibility of remote work. They ensured I had the tools and support for success."

Executive Assistant
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"This team matched me with a great US company. The remote work setup is a game-changer. I couldn't be more satisfied."

Video Editor
HR Space Startup
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"Thank you for being so kind and encouraging a process that took less than a week. You really are a top company in the industry and of all the processes I had it was clearly the best."

Devops Engineer
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"The process was really smooth and efficient. They took care of me, helped me perform at my best, trained me and brought me an excellent offer. Highly recommended."

QA Engineer
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"The Bait team represents the QualityScore team in Latin America. They are always available to assist and help in any way they can. They handle all HR work from start to finish."

Motion Grapher
Marketing Agency
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"I strongly recommend the Bait team to find job opportunities. I have already been in 3 processes and they are easy, they try to make them as short as possible and assist the candidates to achieve a better first impact in the company."

BIM Architect
Construction NY Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the hiring process?

Chat with us: Let us know what type of talent you are looking for and your requirements so we can quickly match you with our pre-vetted network.

Interview top talent: We shortlist the best talent from our network based on your requirements. You interview them to assess if they are a cultural and team fit.

Hire effortlessly: Once the decision to hire has been made, you can start working with the talent directly. A member of our team will help you take care of all the paperwork and payment processing.

What are the rates per hour?

Our rates vary depending on each professional, their experience and skillset, but they are at least 30% lower than local market prices.We offer different rates for full time, part time or flexible contracts.

What is your vetting process?

Our talent undergoes extensive Silicon Valley-caliber technical and behavioral assessments. We customize each process for each client. Talents are tested on technical ability, English proficiency, communication skills and project management knowledge. 

This selection process consists of:
- Language and Personality
- Problem-solving ability test
- Real time interview
- Technical Interview
- AI Hiring Tool

Our goal is to ensure that the expertise of our talent is not only among the best in their field, but also that they are extremely well prepared to work remotely as part of your team.

I already have a team of recruiters, can I use HiresLink?

Choosing our service unlocks a host of advantages over maintaining an in-house team of recruiters. With our robust database and internal expertise, we have the capability to match candidates with challenging positions a hundred times faster than traditional methods.

Moreover, our extensive talent pool often includes candidates currently engaged in other processes with us, presenting a unique opportunity for seamless collaboration. By leveraging our service, you not only accelerate the recruitment process but also gain access to a reservoir of potential hires who might seamlessly align with your requirements, avoiding redundancy and optimizing the utilization of available talent

How is HiresLink different from other hiring and remote platforms?

Through our technological strategies and our AI automations, we are always expanding our base. This allows us to recruit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This base is filtered and interviewed by our team, allowing us to match you faster and faster.

Our clients love our:
- Fast and easy hiring experience
- Fast hiring speed (24-72 hours for contract positions)
- Strict screening process
- Strong network of trusted talent

What is the pricing?

Staffing Model:
We adopt a straightforward approach by charging a single hourly rate that encompasses all services and expenses. This rate typically falls in the range of 12 to 25 USD per hour but will depend on the profile.

For this service, we charge a fee equivalent to 12% of the candidate's annual salary. This approach is designed to align with industry standards and to provide a transparent and fair pricing strategy for our clients.

Is there a requirement to become a candidate?

You should have a strong level of spoken and written English.

You don't need to be bilingual, but you must be able to communicate effectively using the English language.

Do you offer guarantees?

We stand behind our recruits with a 3 month satisfaction guarantee tailored to each new hire's role.

Candidates we place in technical positions come backed with a guarantee that they will meet the required skillset and ramp up to full productivity within their first 90 days.

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