Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the hiring process in Bait?

Chat with us: Let us know what type of talent you are looking for and your requirements so we can quickly match you with our pre-vetted network.

Interview top talent: We shortlist the best talent from our network based on your requirements. You interview them to assess if they are a cultural and team fit.

Hire effortlessly: Once the decision to hire has been made, you can start working with the talent directly. A member of our team will help you take care of all the paperwork and payment processing.

In which countries can I hire someone?

Any country in Latin America!

Thanks to our remote model and the fact that our recruitment staff is present in various countries in our area. And we're open to expanding even more!

What is our vetting process?

Our talent undergoes extensive Silicon Valley-caliber technical and behavioral assessments. Talents are tested on technical ability, English proficiency, communication skills and project management knowledge. 

This selection process consists of:
- Language and Personality
- Problem-solving ability test
- Real time interview
- Technical Interview
- AI Hiring Tool

Our goal is to ensure that the expertise of our talent is not only among the best in their field, but also that they are extremely well prepared to work remotely as part of your team.

How is Bait different from other hiring and remote platforms?

We simplify the entire recruitment process by sourcing, vetting and using AI to match you with the best remote talent.

Our clients love our:
- Fast and easy hiring experience
- Fast hiring speed (24-72 hours for contract positions)
- Strict screening process
- Strong network of trusted talent

Will my intellectual property and confidentiality be protected?

As a client, you will own the intellectual property of all paid-for work.

We also provide an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your request, and all Bait talent are also covered under the agreement.

Is there a requirement to become a candidate?

You should have a strong level of spoken and written English.

You don't need to be bilingual, but you must be able to communicate effectively using the English language.

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